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Press Release

Won the Zero Accident Award & Prevention and Control of Covid-19, WSBP Successfully Executes OHS Cultural Commitment

Jakarta, March 2022. Performance supported by the implementation of Good Corporate Governance and compliance with Occupational Safety & Health (K3) procedures, brought PT Waskita Beton Precast Tbk (Stock Code: WSBP) to win the Zero Accident Company Award (Zero) Accident) in Occupational Safety & Health at Banten Province Level in 2022.

This is an annual award given by the Government to company management that has succeeded in implementing the Occupational Health & Safety program so that it can achieve zero accidents.

Subkhan, Director of HCM & QHSES PT Waskita Beton Precast Tbk expressed his pride in this achievement. "WSBP through the Bojonegara Plant has succeeded for the third time in realizing zero accidents in the work environment where 4.5 million working hours have been achieved without accidents resulting in lost working days. This is a good motivation for other WSBP Plants to commit to the implementation of an OHS culture,” he added.

Not only that, during this pandemic, WSBP is committed to maintaining the health of all its employees. Various strategies were carried out, including conducting regular health checks through Antigen Test/PCR, providing self-isolation facilities at the Karawang Learning Center dormitory, implementing WFH/WFO shifts according to government regulations, and others. "With the full commitment of the Company, WSBP through the Prambon Plant has won the Covid-19 Prevention and Control Program Award at Work in the Platinum Category from the Governor of East Java.
Subkhan further revealed that so far WSBP has always ensured that HSE procedures are running well, especially identifying hazards and conducting risk assessments in every work process and socializing them to all employees, both at the head office and workers in the field, so as to reduce and prevent the potential risk of work accidents.

“This program will not succeed if there is no commitment from top management. This commitment will continue to be carried out by complying with all company procedures as well as the active participation of all employees and harmonious communication from stakeholders," he said.

For information, WSBP has won various awards in the field of OHS, such as the CEO Safety Leadership Award, Safety Innovation Award for Private Contractors, WSBP`s Plants won a Zero Accident Company, SMK3 Certificate & Gold Flag from the Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia , WSO Indonesia Safety Culture Award (WISCA) from the World Safety Organization (WSO), and others.