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Press Release

Waskita Beton Precast Projects New Contracts to Grow 30%

Jakarta, January 2022. PT Waskita Beton Precast Tbk (Stock Code: WSBP), is optimistic that the acquisition of New Contract Value can grow up to 30% in 2022. This year, WSBP targets new contracts of IDR 3.5 Trillion, a significant increase compared to the 2021 achievement. amounting to Rp 2.7 trillion. "We have good motivation and enthusiasm to achieve the target this year," said FX Poerbayu Ratsunu, President Director of PT Waskita Beton Precast Tbk.

WSBP`s optimism is supported by the large market potential of the Waskita Group project. WSBP is ready to seize opportunities in the toll road development project carried out by PT Waskita Karya (Persero) Tbk (“WSKT”). In addition, WSBP will also participate in other types of infrastructure projects carried out by the Waskita Group such as the Dam, Transmission, and Railroad projects.
"The internal market potential of the Waskita group is still very large, especially for toll road projects located in Java and Sumatra," said Poerbayu. "WSBP has sufficient experience and production capacity to support its construction," he continued.
In addition to targeting projects from the Waskita Group, WSBP also has new project targets from projects from external markets originating from Government, BUMN, and Private projects. WSBP has precast products that can be applied to various infrastructure and building projects.
"We are optimistic that we can capture external market opportunities from the private sector, state-owned enterprises and their subsidiaries, such as infrastructure development and the new nation`s capital city. In addition, we also increase participation in government projects," he added.
With the target of the new contract and the addition of a carry over contract from 2021 of IDR 3.7 trillion, WSBP estimates that the total Company Managed Contract Value in 2022 can reach IDR 7.2 trillion. This value will later become WSBP`s potential operating income until the end of the year.
To achieve this target, WSBP will utilize the resources owned by the company. WSBP has 9 precast factories located in South Sumatra, Banten, West Java, Central Java, and East Java. The total production capacity of the 9 factories reaches 3.7 million tons/year. In addition, WSBP also has 29 Batching Plants for readymix products located in various regions in Indonesia.
Furthermore, WSBP also has superior products that are ready to be marketed, such as spunpile, girder, SPRigWP (Waskita Precast Rigid Pavement System), rail bearings, modular, and other products.
Earlier this year, WSBP obtained a patent for the development of a new precast product, namely SprigWP. This type of product is used in the Margomulyo Road project, Surabaya and the Public Road for Construction of Supporting Facilities and Infrastructure for Elevated Construction Training in the Joint Office Area of ​​the Ministry of PUPR, Citeureup. Currently, WSBP is working on the Multipurpose Crossing Bridge and Sudirman Station Revitalization Project with a minimal architectural touch. "The company is also targeting housing projects using a modular system," he said.
In accordance with the spirit of corporate transformation, WSBP will continue to develop new innovative products to increase market share in the domestic and international precast industry.