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Press Release

Waskita Beton Precast Gets Project Contract in Myanmar

Jakarta, September 2021. Not only domestically, PT Waskita Beton Precast Tbk (WBP) has succeeded in obtaining overseas projects, namely the Myanmar Port or Thilawa Shipyard Project with CCCC Fourth Harbor Engineering Co. Ltd. with a contract value of 1.73 MMK (Myanmar Kyat).


In the project development process, WBP supplies Spun Pile products (K-800 quality) or called PHC Piles (Pretensioned Spun High strength Concrete Piles) with a length of 10-15 meters. "This product is produced at the Bojonegara Plant, which is targeted for completion in September 2021," said FX Poerbayu Ratsunu, Marketing Director of PT Waskita Beton Precast Tbk. Later, the product delivery process for this project will take place in September-October 2021 by utilizing the sea route with ships with a capacity of 300 feet or the equivalent of 7,500 tons.


Poerbayu also stated that this was a good achievement for WBP. At the age of the WBP who is only 6 years old, the WBP has been able to reach the international market. This success is in line with the company`s strategy of reaching external markets. Where WBP expands the international market by partnering with holdings and collaborating with international contractors or precasters.


The project obtained in Myanmar is the first project so that WBP still has the opportunity to obtain similar projects in the future. In addition, WBP has proven that it is capable of producing PHC Piles in accordance with standard indicators from abroad


As additional information, until August 2021, WBP recorded the acquisition of a new contract value of around Rp. 857 billion. The company`s assets up to semester 1 were recorded at Rp 10.2 trillion, liabilities at Rp 9.2 trillion, and equity at Rp 981 billion. WBP targets several projects by the end of the year, including the Cimanggis Cibitung Tollways Project, the Kapal Betung Toll Road, and the Wado Sumedang Hydroelectric Power Plant.