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Press Release

WSBP Supply Curved SPRigWP for PUPR Project

Jakarta, February 2022. In January 2022 PT Waskita Beton Precast Tbk (Stock Code: WSBP) has completed the supply of SPRigWP (Waskita Precast Rigid Pavement System) products for the Construction of Elevated Construction Training Facilities and Infrastructure Project by the Director General of Construction Development, Ministry of PUPR. "This product is a superior product owned by the company resulting from the latest innovation for road construction," said Sugiharto, Director of Business and Development of PT Waskita Beton Precast Tbk.

In this project located in Citeureup, West Java, the company supplied 33 pcs SPRigWP, consisting of 6 pcs SPRigWP standard/straight type, with a supplied area of ​​129.60 m2 and 27 pcs SPRigWP custom/curved type, with an area supplied of 801.03 m2.

Sugiharto stated that this curved SPRigWP is the first custom/curved type SPRigWP product in Indonesia produced by WSBP. "We produce this product at the Sadang Plant, West Java," he added. Currently, the supply progress of this project has reached 100%.

SPRigWP has various advantages compared to conventional road pavement systems, including being able to be used for new road construction and road improvement, being able to control overload and road damage, having a longer durability, easier, faster, and more precise installation, and the road can be immediately activated even though the connection has not been grouted, can minimize road closures and have easy maintenance costs.

For information, this SPRigWP was first used in 2016. The application was carried out on the access road to the Bojonegara Plant, with a road length of 49 m and a width of 5 m, then continued with application at the Klaten Plant with a length of 36 m and a width of 9 m in 2017. In addition, SPRigWP has also been successfully applied to Jalan Margomulyo, Surabaya at the end of 2018 with a length of 48 m and a width of 23.4 m.
Of course, this product has obtained a patent from the Director General of Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Law & Human Rights with Number IDP000080495 and Interim Special Specifications from the Director General of Highways of the Ministry of PUPR so that it can be used in road construction/preservation within the Directorate General of Highways.

"The company sees that the market projection for this product has great opportunities for both national roads and toll roads," he said. In accordance with the spirit of corporate transformation, WSBP will continue to develop new innovative products to increase market share in the domestic and international precast industry, and can contribute to development in Indonesia, especially the road construction sector.