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Press Release

WSBP Innovation: 1067 Rail Road Bearing Again Receives Product Certification

Jakarta, February 2022. "The company sees that there are still big opportunities in railway infrastructure projects in Indonesia," said Sugiharto, Director of Business and Development of PT Waskita Beton Precast Tbk (Stock Code: WSBP). WSBP as a precast and readymix concrete manufacturing company, wants to contribute to improving railway infrastructure facilities in Indonesia, one of which is through the innovation of Rail Road Bearing (BJR) type 1067 (1067 mm rail width).

Sugiharto stated that the BJR type 1067 has again won the Railway Infrastructure Component Certificate from the Ministry of Transportation, Directorate General of Railways on December 28, 2021. This is because the product has passed the SNI 8828:2019 testing standard on Concrete Bearings and Fastening Systems for Railroads at the Independent Laboratory, B2TKS (Hall of Structural Strength Technology), Serpong. The bearing product certificate is a collaboration with fastening manufacturer PT Pindad (Persero).

"Previously, the type 1067 railroad bearing product had obtained the Railway Infrastructure Component Certificate, in collaboration with the fastening manufacturer PT Pandrol Indonesia, on July 8, 2019 from the Directorate General of Railways, Ministry of Transportation, he added.

This type 1067 rail bearing functions as a resting rail base and holds the train speed with a maximum speed of 120 km/hour and can withstand a train axle load of 18 tons. "We supply this type of 1067 railroad bearing product for the Manggarai double track project of around 3000 msp (meter spoor)," he said.

For information, WSBP also has a type 1435 rail bearing which has also received product certification from the Directorate General of Railways, Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia in 2019. Currently WSBP is also supplying readymix for the construction project of 3 railway bridge units located between the railway lines. Cliff High – Siantar Cross Cliff High – Siantar.

In the future, WSBP will continue to be committed to producing product innovations for infrastructure development in Indonesia.