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Press Release

Modern Precast House: Waskita Precast Strategies to Increasing the External Projects

Jakarta, November 29th 2020. PT Waskita Beton Precast Tbk (Waskita Precast) never stops innovating. This manufacturing company which is engaged in precast, readymix, quarry, construction services, and posttension precast concrete is keen to see market opportunities in the construction industry in Indonesia. Seeing this huge market potential, Waskita Precast has developed a landed house product, namely a modern precast house.

This simple house developed with modern technology is built using precast column and beam structures, which meet the applicable Indonesian National Standard (SNI). "Development using precast products produces innovative, efficient, fast, quality development methods, and has the opportunity to gain a bigger market share," said FX Poerbayu Ratsunu, Marketing Director of PT Waskita Beton Precast Tbk.

This modern precast house is a modification of the RISHA house which was previously developed by Waskita Precast. The difference is that modern precast houses have covering walls and panels with larger and lighter dimensions, thus speeding up the construction process. Besides that, the appearance of this modern precast house is more futuristic and flexible.

This modern precast house has advantages when compared to ordinary conventional houses, including a faster construction process. With the same building type, modern precast houses only take 24-30 days to build, while conventional houses generally take around 45 days.

The company has built several mock ups of modern precast houses around the Karawang Learning Center Plant area. "Waskita Precast will also develop modern precast houses type 48, type 59, type 73, type 86, and type 260," added Poerbayu. For the target market, the company will target the landed house project from the Ministry of PUPR and the private sector.