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Internal News

Prambon`s Plant of WSBP has Awarded by Zero Accident Award 2020

(13/01) WSBP has started 2020 with numerous award. One of them is “Perusahaan Nihil Kecelakaan Kerja (Zero Accident) Tingkat Provinsi Jawa Timur Tahun 2020 dengan Total 3.902.955 Jam Kerja Tanpa Kecelakaan Kerja yang Mengakibatkan Hilangnya Jam Kerja” or award related with Zero Accident Working that awarded to Prambon’s Plant of WSBP.

WSBP has presented by Angga Dwi Setiawan (Prambon’s Plant Manager) and Derajat Ari Wibowo (Kasie K3L Prambon’s Plant).

Through this award, WSBP seek to continuously improve performance of EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) of all lines ranging from Head Office into Production Unit (Plant, Batching Plant, and Project) in order to maintain the commitment of Zero Accident annually.

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