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Audit Committee Profile

Audit Committee

Establishment of Audit Committee is an integral part of the Company’s efforts to ensure the effectiveness of internal control systems and implementing the principles of good corporate governance which include transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence, equality and fairness.

The Audit Committee operates under the mandate established by decision of the Board of Commissioners. The main task of the Audit Committee is to provide independent and professional opinion to the Board with respect to compliance activities, the effectiveness of corporate governance, internal audit, external audit and financial reporting of the Company.

As stated in the Decree of the Board of Directors No. 09/SK/WBP/PEN/2016 dated June 7, 2016 on the Assignment of the Audit Committee, which the Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the replacement and discharge of Company’s Audit Committee for a term of 5 (five) years based on the decision of the Board of Commissioners No. 01/SK/WBP/DK/2016 on the composition of the Audit Committee, Risk and Insurance Committee, and Appointment of Secretary to the Board of Commissioners dated June 6, 2016, without prejudice to the right of the Board of Commissioners to dismiss them at any time.


Audit Committee Members Profile

  • Chairman: Suhendro Bakri

Indonesian citizen, 64 years old. Has served as Independent Commissioner since June 6, 2016 by Decree 02/SK/WBP/DK/2016 dated June 6, 2016. Has a wide range of experience both in the field of corporate and government. He had served as Independent Commissioner of PT Timah (Persero) Tbk (2011-2016), Commissioner of PT Askrindo (2001-2010), and Commissioner of PT Petrokimia Gresik (2001-2010). In the area of governance, has held various strategic positions as Senior Advisor in the field of investment and synergy SOE in the Ministry of SOEs (2010 - 2012) and Deputy Assistant Services Business Planning, Construction and Engineering in the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (2006-2010).

  • Member: Sri Yanto, Ak., CA, ASA

Indonesian citizen, 58 years old. Has served on the Audit Committee of the Company since June 6, 2016. He currently also serves as audit committee at PT Kimia Farma Persero Tbk, Technical Partner (Advisor) at Public Accounting Firm (KAP) Kanaka Puradiredja, Suhartono member of NEXIA International, Drafting Team of Profession Standard and Accounting Guidelines at the Indonesian Institute of Accountants (IAI) -The Indonesian Institute of Chartered Accountants. He had served as an Auditor at BPKP Representative of DKI Jakarta (1990-1993), Part-time consultant at Pranata Management Consulting (1994-1996), journalist, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Association of Philanthropy Indonesia (2004-2012). Also had involved in Association of Indonesian Accountants Management with the last position as Technical Director – Indonesian Accounting Association (Sept 2003-April 30, 2009), in the board of Indonesian Institute of Accountants with the last position as a Member of Islamic Accounting Standards Board (2010-2015). He is also listed in the membership of profession at the Indonesian Institute of Accountants (Professional Accounting): 11.D16087, and Associate Member of CPA Australia (ASA): 9521500.

  • Member: Paulus Alexander Widjaja, SE

Indonesian citizen, aged 56. Has served as an Audit Committee Member since June 6, 2016 based on decision No. 02/SK/WBP/DK/2016, dated June 6, 2016. He also serves as Finance Director at PT Semesta Marga Raya. He previously worked at PT Perusahaan Pengelola Aset (Persero) as Treasury Division General Manager (2015-2016), Good Corporate Governance Team Member (2013-2015), and Risk Management Division General Manager (2009 - 2015). Prior to this, he worked at the Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency (IBRA) with his last position as Data Verification Group and Bank Relations Head, Verification & Consolidation Division - Procedures and Compliance Systems Directorate (1999-2004).