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The Board of Directors of PT Waskita Beton Precast Tbk (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"), domiciled in East Jakarta, hereby notify the shareholders of the Company that the Company has held the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (the "Meeting") with details as follows:

  1. Day/Date, Time, Place and Meeting Agenda

Day/date           :  Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018

Time                               :  10.00 WIB - finish

Place                              : Waskita Karya Building 11th Floor

                                         Jl. MT. Haryono Kav. 10 Cawang, East Jakarta

Agenda                           :  Changes in the composition of the Board of the Company


B.      Members of the Board of Directors and Commissioners of the Company present at the meeting:


  1. President Director : Jarot Subana
  2. Director : Agus Wantoro
  3. Director : A. Yulianto Tyas Nugroho
  4. Independent Director : C. Budi Setyono


  1. President Commissioner : Tunggul Rajagukguk
  2. Commissioner : Agus Sugiono
  3. Independent Commissioner : Suhendro Bakri
  4. Independent Commissioner :  Abdul Ghofarozzin
  5. Independent Commissioner :  Anis Baridwan


  1. The Meeting was attended by 16,708,647,669 (sixteen billion seven hundred and eight million six hundred forty-seven thousand six hundred sixty-nine) shares or approximately equal to 68.15% (sixty eight point one five percent) of the total number of shares with valid voting rights that have been issued and fully paid into the Company.
  2. The Meeting’s attendants were given the opportunity to ask questions regarding to the Meeting agenda,

E.      There was 1 (one) shareholder that asked a question related to the Meeting agenda

F.      Mechanism for Decision Making in the Meeting:

Meeting decisions made by deliberation to consensus. If the mechanism by way of deliberation to reach consensus is not reached, then voting will be done. The voting by raising the hand and passing the ballot to the meeting officer.

G.      The decision making was made by voting

The number of votes and percentage of shareholders with voting rights present at the Meeting was as follows:







Changes in composition of the Board of the Company

16.538.446.069 Votes or approximately 98,9813%

169.651.600 Votes or approximately 1,0154%

550.000 Votes or approximately 0,0033%



H.      Result of the Meeting  

  1. Approved the resignation of Mr. Didit Oemar Prihadi as the Director of the Company as of April 6th, 2018 due to the Director was appointed as the Director of PT Waskita Karya (Persero) Tbk and thanked his dedication during his tenure.
  2. Approved the termination of the following names as the Board of the Company:
  3. Tunggul Rajagukguk as President Commissioner
  4. Agus Sugiono as Commissioner
  5. MC. Budi Setyono as Director
  6. Appointed of the following names as the Board of the Company:
  7. Fery Hendriyanto as President Commissioner
  8. Haris Gunawan as Commissioner
  9. Munib Lusianto as Director
  10. Yudhi Dharmawan as Director
  11. Agus Wantoro as Independent Director
    1. The appointment of the members of the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors shall be effective since the closing of the Meeting and shall end until the closing of the 5th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders since the appointment, considering the laws and regulations of the Capital Market and without prejudice to the GMS's right to terminate at any time.
  12. With the termination and appointment of the members of the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors, the composition of the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors of the Company is as follows:


Board of Commissioner


President Commissioner


Mr. Fery Hendriyanto



Mr. Haris Gunawan

Independent Commissioner


Mr. Abdul Ghofarrozin

Independent Commissioner


Mr. Suhendro Bakri

Independent Commissioner


Mr. Anis Baridwan


Board of Director


President Director


Mr. Jarot Subana



Mr. A. Yulianto Tyas Nugroho



Mr. Munib Lusianto



Mr. Yudhi Darmawan

Independent Director


Mr. Agus Wantoro



  1. Grant power and authority to the Board of Directors of the Company with the right of substitution to perform all necessary actions in relation to the decisions of the agenda of this Meeting in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, including to declare in a separate notarial deed and notify the change of the Board of Commissioners of the Company to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia in accordance with applicable regulations.



Jakarta, 5 July 2018


Board of Directors

PT Waskita Beton Precast Tbk.