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Internal News

PCT Girder of WSBP

(12/02) At this special occasion, WSBP will discuss regarding PCT Girder – a precast that had wider cross section at the top. With this wider cross section at the top, PCT Girder claimed to be more stable and efficient in reducing the risk of lateral camber. In addition, PCT Girder system worked out with the conventional post-tension method.

This T-Shaped girder has function to transmit the load of the vehicle, its girder’s load and other loads to the bottom structure that passed with abudment to be not going intersection uncontrolled.

Same as PCI girder, PCT Girder is also produced through 2 processes which are pre-tension (Assembly-Casting-Stressing-Demolding-Finishing) and post-tension (Assembly-Casting-Stressing-Finishing-Demolding).

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