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Internal News

PCI Girder, Flagship`s Product of WSBP

WSBP has Concrete Beton Bridge as one of Flagship’s Product. And this time will discuss regarding PCI Girder, a sleek-designed Concrete Beam with I-shaped and mainly supports to Concrete Bridge itself.

For bridge construction, PCI Girder is very easy to apply either in segmental or monolith form. PCI Girder has function as instruments of the burden form of load of the vehicle, so the loads of the girder and vehicles will not going intersection.

Furthermore, PCI Girder produced through two processes:

- Pre – Tension: Assembly – Stressing – Coating – Demoulding – Finishing

- Post – Tension: Assembly – Coating – Stressing – Demoulding – Finishing

Then what is the plus point of PCI Girder? Low cost on production is priority, easier to design and lifelong durability.

Alongside with 938 thousand tons production volume per year, PCI Girder mainly supplied for Krian-Legundi-Bunder-Manyar Tollways Project, Pasuruan-Probolinggo Tollways, Porong-Gempol Tollways, Trans Sumatra Tollways, Becakayu (Bekasi-Cawang-Kampung Melayu) Tollways, Kunciran-Serpong-Cinere-Parigi Tollways, Bogor-Ciawi-Sukabumi Tollways, Pejagan-Pemalang-Batang Tollways, Manado-Bitung Tollways, and other.

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