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Internal News

Lomba Pagelaran Gugus Kendali Mutu Period of December 2018

(20/12) Congratulations for Prambon’s Plant that successfully become the champion of “Lomba Pagelaran Gugus Kendali Mutu Periode Desember 2018”. Brought out “Improvement of Increasing Capacity Production of Spun Pile”, Prambon’s Plant has get rid of other competitor and smoothly takes over winning place. In the other hand, Kalijati’s Plant took runner-up position by brought “Optimization of Quality Product” and Karawang’s Plant should happily sit on 3rd Place by “Optimization of Production”.

This event organized on December 18th 2018 in WSBP’s Learning Center, Karawang’s Plant and themed “Problem Solving & Team Works to Levitating Quality and Productions”.

According to M. Rusman Noertika (Manager of Innovation and Building Information Modelling), through a presence of “Lomba Pagelaran Gugus Kendali Mutu Periode Desember 2018”, WSBP’s aimed to mounting efficiency of productivity while maintaining quality of product stays in high level.

The “Lomba Pagelaran Gugus Kendali Mutu Periode Desember 2018” assessed objectively by Directors and GMs of WSBP including Munib Lusianto (Director of Human Capital & System), Yudhi Dharmawan (Director of Production), Purnomo (GM of Engineering), Kristadi JH (GM of Production Support), and F. Heru Wibowo (GM of Human Capital & General Affairs).

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