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Internal News

CSR WSBP Aid For Citizen of Lombok Through ACT (Aksi Cepat Tanggap)

(11/12) PT Waskita Beton Precast Tbk (WSBP) wants to ease the burden of citizen in Lombok affected by earthquake disaster. The aid provided through ACT (Aksi Cepat Tanggap) of Rp 100.282.000 to be channeled to Lombok’s citizen.

These aids were used to build 9 knock down’s shelter in Dusun Lauk rurung Barat, Desa Sembalun Bumbung, East Lombok. Each of the shelter will accommodates 9 families or 41 people in 3x6 m2 resiential-sized.

Knock down’s shelter made from mild steel and designed to withstand the shocks. A unique and concise design also easy to install, making this a very effective type citizen in Lombok.

Knock down’s shelter aimed to provide a decent place to live, and safe for citizen of Lombok, especially for those who got affected by earthquake disaster. The knock down’s shelter also prioritized for those childer, elder, infants, and pregnant women.

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