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Internal News

CSR WSBP - Posyandu in Kaliangsana Village, Subang

(17/07) WSBP has participated in society development through its CSR by developing Posyandu in Kaliangsana Village, Subang, West Java. Since 2018, WSBP has enacted CSR as the Company’s focus on Good Health-Well that contained in Sustainable Development Program (SDG’s) and running social mapping in the village area around the operational area of WSBP, specially Plant and Batching Plant.

Social mapping is done by doing Focus Group Discussion with village’s stakeholders to understand more about the problems within the village and what CSR programs suitable to the needs of society. Presented in this event Piton Amos (Subang Plant’s Manager), and executive officers that handed over to Chairman of Kaliangsana`s Village.

Hopefully with support from WSBP can bring health and wealth to the society. 

PT Waskita Beton Precast Tbk - "Dedication for Movement"